Friday, 30 September 2011

My Little Piece Of Rock N Roll

A little gem I picked up last week from Topshop..My little piece of rock n roll.. My ear cuff.
I wore this out for my brothers birthday meal.  Worn with a backless slouch t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and some lace up heel boots.
It was only about £8 so a lovely bargain too!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A flower for you!

I know I've been naughty and not posted in a while, I've been so busy! I promise I'll post something fun very soon!
The past couple of weeks I've spent at family BBQ's, a trip to London to celebrate my brothers birthday, work has been busy with a big photo shoot last week and now I'm packing to move out of my parents house..sad times but it has been fun spending stupid amounts of money on furniture. I think I may have gone a bit OTT with red mugs though.. Maybe it will be my new hobbie to collect red mugs in my passings by..Then again maybe not..
I hope you've all been having fun and had a good couple of weeks!
Feel free to leave me a comment, it certainly brightens up my day!
Loves x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones

Last week I went for a stroll around the fields behind where I live.
I spent so much of my childhood in these fields, it's as though the trees are nestling in the memories and walking through the woodland brings each vivid memoir back to life- from playing in a 'SPLAT' Club tracking down robbers, to running away from home but having to turn back round a couple of hours later  cold and hungry!
It's sad to see that the fields are now being turned into new estates.
I did have a pair of gorgeous heeled boots on but as you can imagine I was sinking through the mud so gave up and put on my comfies!
My jackets a new purchase and will definitely be keeping me warm this Autumn!

Friday, 9 September 2011


Earlier this week I went for a meal and found a christmas tree and tinsel decorating the hallway! I always find this time of year slightly depressing, with nothing to look forward to except christmas.
I've been thinking for about half a year now about my next tattoo. I've already got two. One when I was 16 and another that was a spur of the moment thing on my last year of Uni. They were both pretty spontaneous so I want to make sure my next one has been thought about long and hard!
I've had one in mind for the past six months but looking through so many tattoo images it's making me want more! I'm the kind of gal that likes little cute tattoos though.
Here's a few images that inspire me.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Oh So Good

Well I thought i'd share this little beauty with you all.. My little box of random nibbles.
I came across this on another blog and had never heard of it before.
It's pretty simple, you tick all the stuff you would like to try, and bin the foods you don't like- the seeds went in the bin for me.
This little box helped me stop snacking on junk all day and was verrry yummy (I know I sound like a sales woman!)
For all of you who fancy a free box of nibbles heres a code: G8HM56XM