Monday, 30 July 2012

Week In Pictures...

Howdy y'aaall,
I can feel myself slacking on this blog malarky already, woopsy.
Thought I would give you all a little insight into my busy week with some of my immense photography skills.. (Don't tell me I don't treat you)
This week has been spent dying lots of clothes, and my hands accidentally. I've gone tie dying crazy so if you see a hue of colour floating about the village that will be moi!
I've customised a load of shorts too so will post up pictures soon! 
If anyone wants anything printed/studded/dyed just let me know, i've had quite a few requests so thought it's a good side job! 
Also have designed a load of prints that are super cute which i will post up shortly too!
So other than that i have been enjoying the sunshine, boarding, getting very drunk and thinking i'm an Olympic cyclist. Also I didn't win the lottery. Major life fail.

Hope your weeks have been as fantastical as mine!

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